I love fresh starts… and I’m about to embark on yet another one. yet again, I struggle to find the ever-so elusive self discipline but again I will try.

Why bother? I will try again not only because it is an example to my children to try, try, try again but also because I know how good I was feeling before my knee injury. I want to get back there again!

I have weighed in this morning and whilst it isn’t that good that I’m going to reveal the numbers on my blog (are you crazy?) I will say that it isn’t the heaviest I have been in the last 12 months nor is it as depressing as it could be.

Last year before my knee injury I was really getting somewhere. I was getting fit and strong and having a lot more energy. I was really feeling the benefits! So I’ve done it once… I will do it again!

I have joined the gym again.

Now before some of you (like Jacqui) will feel a compulsion to slap me I have to tell you why I have rejoined Contours. Yes, I know I did say it was soft and I wanted to go to a ‘real gym’. Girls, if I offended you then all I can do is to ask for your forgiveness. And yes, you can cyber slap me, just not too hard. :struggle:  So I am back at Contours and really enjoying it.  I am aiming to go to the gym 4 days a week, possibly on Monday & Tuesday and then again on Thursday & Friday. I will continue to work on the rowing machine after the circuit. I do wish that at some point,  I will be getting one of those rowing machines for home, then I’ll be the best shape of my life. They even do Zumba classes now but seeing as how that is an extra fee I won’t be rushing off to wiggle my jiggly bits just yet. They also offer a weekly kickboxing class which I am really keen for but I just want to strengthen my knee a little more before doing that.

But back to my point… why did I go back to Contours after being at a ‘real gym’?  Have you ever noticed that each gym seems to have its own emphasis or culture? Well, they do! Contours feels feminine but the emphasis isn’t about getting to the point where you can strut your stuff in lycra. It’s more about being strong and toned and healthy. I’ve been to two gyms in the last 12 months and well, suffice it to say that I haven’t seen silicone where it shouldn’t be whilst at Contours. The other emphasis that Contours has that many other gyms don’t have is that of stretching. We all know that stretching is really important but many gyms don’t breathe this as a culture. In fact, you can feel like a real noob if you want to stretch after a workout. Not so at Contours because it is part of the circuit routine. As women, this is vitally important and a component of my workout that I did miss when I went to a ‘normal’ gym.

I had my biological age testing done. Well, you all know that I’m 40, turning 41 in a few months. I didn’t expect to have a biological age of anything under 45 (due to my health issues) but imagine my disappointment when my bio age came back at 48. Oi voi! I can and will reduce this. I will. (Although I’m not doing the 6 week challenge)

So there you go. I’m back on my Fit n 40 Quest although I am now 40 so will change it to ‘the 40’s’. I want to be fit throughout my 40’s.

Years wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.