Anyone else thinking about next year’s curriculum? I am…it’s part of the process I go through each year. Currently I’m in the praying and pondering stage. I’m working on a system for Master J to use. He’s quite capable of using most systems but considering our eclectic style of learning and curriculum we need a system that he can use fairly independently. The issues that we have with it are that I can schedule till the cows come home…but the practical outworking of that schedule doesn’t match the paper plan and then we can tend to get a bit lost with what is next. As a result, the main subjects get done but it’s those little bitty books that I have planned that get left out. You know, the ones that only require a chapter per week. Any scheduling/planning systems that you use would be well received in the comments section.


My health is upside down and inside out…but I do think I’m slowly on the up and up. However, with softball season back I am finding it difficult to juggle my gym fitness with softball fitness combined with the ups and downs of my health. I am learning that being *gym fit* is quite different to being sport fit. I have been working out in the gym for several months and making great strides…and whilst it has helped me immensely with softball it is also a very different type of fitness. Playing sport gives me far more aches and pains than simply working out at the gym. But what does this have to do with a homeschool mama? A lot! But let me ask you a question. Do you exercise? If not, why not? You need to! Not because I say so though…but because it is so good for you… you were created to!

I know many women don’t want to get big or bulky…and others really don’t seem concerned about their weight. I totally get that. I’m quite content with my weight and my appearance- but there is something more important- the physical/emotional and spiritual connection!

Health Benefit

God didn’t create us to be static…or sitting down all day. Oh, I’m a busy homeschool mum I know how tiring and draining life can become. God created us to be strong and physical. Think of the women in the Old Testament- could you keep up with them? Carrying full water jugs up and down the hill, catching and preparing chicken or goats…grinding the wheat and doing all the laundry *BY HAND*… whew!  Let me tell you, I could not have kept up…I still don’t know if I’m at that point yet either…but I’m working my way there. These days I don’t have to wash by hand or carry water jugs, but it’s vitally important for me to stay strong. I wonder if a woman’s body is more designed for resistance training/weight workouts rather than cardio – but that’s a hotly debated topic that I cannot do justice here.

Think of the women in the Old Testament- could you keep up with them? Carrying full water jugs up and down the hill, catching and preparing chicken or goats…grinding the wheat and doing all the laundry by hand!

Did you know that exercise, and in particular weight training, will decrease your risk of heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and many more nasties? But at the same time, it will increase your life span, strength and bone density! But wait, there’s more! Weight training also assists in weight loss – even more so than pounding out the kilometres on the treadmill. Yes! Building muscle  increases your metabolism! So you can get fit and strong and lose weight without pounding the pavement for countless hours at a time! (Not saying you don’t need to do any cardio but if you’re like me and remember the aerobic classes of the 1980’s you might shudder in horror at the thought of cardio)

Emotional Benefit

I’ve had a fair bit on my emotional plate this year…and to be honest I was not coping with it all despite prayer and Bible study, etc. It’s because I was neglecting an important element of life – physical exercise. I’ve learned that when I work out with weights I feel tired- for sure. But a huge benefit is that I feel rejuvenated and refreshed and full of energy! I’m more able to handle the potholes that I find myself driving over. I love going out to the gym for an hour three times a week. The benefits far outweigh any hurdles that need to be overcome. But you don’t have to go to the gym- remember the OT women: they didn’t have a gym…they worked out as part of life. But they did do some weight training! My dear cyber friend Jenna has shared how she has benefited enormously from exercising…and she wrote about the spiritual/physical connection here.

Spiritual Benefit

There is a lot to learn about the nature of man…and of ourselves. Throughout my health/fitness/exercise I have learned about myself. There are times when I sabotage my efforts…hold bitterness in my heart toward myself, strive for perfection, struggle with pride and/or listen to my own negative self talk. But to walk in the Spirit means that I have God’s perspective about myself and my physical body…I can meditate on God’s word while lifting weights or cycling on the bike or walking down the street. I won’t let the enemy gain a foothold in my life by allowing death-giving thoughts, desires for perfection, thoughts of self loathing or other such issues. Exercise helps me to process the important thoughts from the trivial- so that I can more clearly hear from God.

I know it’s just one more thing to try and cram into your week…but it really is worth it. And after a few weeks it won’t seem like a chore or a ‘must-do’.  Please take it from me- a former unfit, unhealthy, computer based, sitting down, vegetative homeschool mum. It is worth it.

A benefit that I haven’t even mentioned yet is the benefit to your marriage and to your children. Oh yes, it is worth it- especially as we are fighting to keep our children’s hearts and keep a proper perspective of self image…really important.

So, are you exercising and working out… like the women of the Old Testament? If not, wanna join me?