Well, time for a family update I think. But where to start? Life has been so busy and hectic I hardly know where to begin.

trustMy daughter has taught me something recently about trusting in God…really trusting in Father. One of my daughters works part time and studies part time. She pays for softball and her car and everything else but it leaves nothing left over for pocket money or girly things. In fact, with her hours she even struggles to pay for her necessities but she is learning the difficult task of money management well- lessons that will help throughout her adult life.  We have always chipped in and covered her bills whenever necessary. Not straight away- we leave it till the last minute as she wants to pay for as much as she can herself. Invariably though, we always help out. Lately, she has been stressing: fretting over how to get more hours at work, what she can sell to bring in a few pennies, etc. She’s actually been worrying about it despite my reassurances that it will all be fine. I started to feel like she didn’t trust us. We had come through for her before. We assured her that we would again. We told her that we were proud of her efforts. But still, she stressed. Yes, I felt like she didn’t trust us.

I wondered if our Father ever feels like that. I realised that I do the same thing to Him regularly! He has always provided for our needs in the past. He assures me in His word that He will continue to. We do try to manage our finances well and be good stewards (although we don’t always succeed)…but still I fret. I worry. I plan and strive…instead of trusting in Him. Oi voi! What a lesson.

Immediately after The Incidentfew hours afterfew hours laterMiss A came home this afternoon from softball training…with a black eye! Yep, while fielding at 3rd base the ball bounced nastily and she copped one in the eyebrow. Ugly eh? Meanwhile she is working, studying, gym-ing and training- sure keeps her busy!

Miss R is living back at home. She works at a local cafe, attends school when required and is doing two TAFE courses. However, she has just secured a Chef Apprenticeship at a posh place on the beach in Adelaide.

The boys are doing great! Continuing on with daily Maths and reading…chores and generally being fantastic young men! I love their company and just really enjoy being with them.

I‘ve been back and forth to the doctor recently. About 10 years ago I smashed my ankle while playing softball. The fracture was pretty bad and I had to have a large screw in place, along with a metal plate, secured by several small screws. After the scar line healed I went back in to have 2 inch long screw removed. I was told not to worry about the plate, unless it gave me trouble. Well, I don’t know if it is the weights training or going back to softball but my ankle has been giving me pain. It’s really swollen, red and burning. I had an xray and need to go back to the Dr some time this week with my original xray so they can compare them but the radiographer said it appears that a screw has come loose from the plate and is ‘floating’. Tehee, yes I have felt like I’m coming part at the seams…but my sister in saw said she always knew I had a screw loose. 🙂

I’ve also been at the doctors for my health. Had a large battery of blood tests done which showed nothing overly dramatic except anemia- chronic anemia. Seems my ferritin levels are ridiculously low so have been told to double or triple dose my iron supplements. Boy, do you know how much that costs? Double dose is about $60 per month! Oi voi! So, to help matters along I am using SpaTone in the morning and Floravit in the evening.

I haven’t been back to the gym in what feels like ages. I know I’ve lost condition, but what can I do? I’ve barely been managing to get out of bed some days…let alone to the gym to work out. However, that is only causing me to feel down so I am heading back to the gym this week. I will keep on keeping on! I’ll post another picture update soon, but due to ill health and not being at the gym you’re not in for any great surprises.

I love playing softball. I don’t know why I had those few years off again. I just love it! However, this is one case where the spirit is willing but the flesh is definitely very weak…especially since my health has gone downhill a bit.  John has resumed umpiring again too. He really enjoys it so life is almost as full as it was many years ago.

The Diana Waring Conference was here in Adelaide last week! Wow, what a blast! I had a memorable time and learned lots. Get-togethers are always filled with laughter and blessing, aren’t they?

Well it doesn’t seem like much when it’s put onto paper but there it is – the reason for my real life busyness. Friends will always be able to tell when I’m living a full, rich real life as I won’t post much. But when I’m posting a lot it usually means that I’m hermitting away in the house, spending too much time on the computer. 😉

My blog has received a few awards recently. Thank you kind ladies. It is very nice to receive such awards. However, for various reasons I have decided to not ‘do’ awards. Yeah I’m a party pooper eh? But you can read here why I don’t…I really enjoy blogging and being involved in the AussieHomeschool Blogging community and that is where most of my efforts lie – in contributing toward the development and growth of the AussieHomeschool community.  Rosemary awarded me with the Kreativ Award but if you want to know more about me you can read this page. Jillian gave me the Gorgeous Blogger Award and as much as I’d like to participate I just can’t right now. But Jillian, thank you very much. 🙂

That’s about it from me, for now. Who knows when I’ll be back. Have a great week all and spend lots of quality and quantity time with your loved ones!