th_workoutJust learned that weight lifting is the second lowest injury sport one can do. Walking is the safest and then weight lifting bcz it is done in a controlled, supervised way unlike many other activities. However, more than walking, weight lifting after searching supplement reviews and then buying the best one can actually makes your bones stronger!

I want to be able to lift my grandkids up in the air and to keep up with them. Well, while walking is good, it’s not as good for my bones as weight lifting or resistance training.

I don’t worry about getting all huge and masculine like. It’s not likely that I’ll train enough to look masculine. (One has to work VERY hard and take HEAPS of protein to achieve that) Plus, being female, I don’t have the natural advantage of testosterone so I won’t get bulky and huge rather toned and strong. Whoohoo, the Proverbs 31 in physical action!

For those that are keen but don’t have weights or are scared of them or can’t afford them: never fear. A set of resistance bands (AMart, Kmart, Big W, Target will do) will do exactly the same job! And, it’s very safe! Whilst there are many websites that will show you how to use the bands, here is one just to get you started.

How cool is that?

Do you use weights or resistance? How? What is your program? How much do you do? Please share?

Resistance workout