by Thomas Blackshear

An aspect of writing that frustrates my little brain is how I just cannot seem to convey all my thoughts accurately. A person will read one blog post that I wrote and presume to know what I believe, or everything I believe in, based on one or two posts. Argh, this annoys me. If in doubt, ask! Please don’t presume to know me based on this blog alone, let alone a few posts.

I don’t mind comments. I don’t mind to be asked to clarify myself. I don’t even mind if one disagrees with me. All I would ask is that you give me opportunity to clarify or expand further before assuming you know what I believe.

I don’t have all my ducks in a row– never claimed to. I’m not right in everything. I do not live an exemplary life. I wish I did, but I do not. I am not perfect by a long shot. I am not worthy of anything. If you want to hear about perfect a Christian woman, don’t read my blog. If you want to read how to raise beautiful, God-fearing children who never make mistakes, never back-chat, never wear makeup and never fight with their siblings then you’d best not read my blog. I can’t offer parenting advice or even advice on living a life as a believer. I am just not that kind of woman. I’m more like the woman in Luke 7: 36. God, in His grace, sought me out, picked me up, wiped me clean and clothed me in His righteousness. But I’m willing to share my life, my story with anyone who wants to listen.

Forgiven much. Love much. Nothing to be proud of. Only Christ and His work on the Cross.

Forgiven much.