Living with others, by grace, is not always an easy thing, is it? Oh, it’s easy when one is away at church camp or at fellowship meeting but what about when one of those other imperfect people lives with you, in your house?

Let me be honest. At times, I feel it is easier to follow rules- to live BY THE LAW and to heed whatever my Overland Park Theft Lawyer says, than to live in grace. So many times I want to establish house rules, family rules, and by golly (as I punch my fist into my hand) I WILL assert those rules. Sometimes I want to run my home as if it were a military base (and I’m not the family member in the military!). Strangely, John (the military member) is one who cannot tolerate any form of legalism…yet I sometimes find myself strangely drawn to it. I think I find safety in it. If I obey XYZ rules, then God will protect me, right? Nothing bad will happen, right? I will be blessed, right? I will be happy, free, at peace, right?


It doesn’t happen like that. Unless you follow popular, modern teaching of prosperity or legalism teaching (in which case, it is unconfessed sin in my life or something I haven’t done right that resulted in an unfortunate situation) which is unbiblical. Sometimes stuff just happens! For various reasons- and only God knows why. I don’t believe that’s the issue though. The issue is more “Ok Father, how would you have me live within this or through this?

A time is coming where I want to lay down the law in my home. I want to set a set of rules and by golly, everyone (except John, of course) WILL obey. But will they obey in love…will I have their heart? In all situations is that what is important? Where do we draw the line? Where is that line that is drawn between allowing attitudes and behaviour in order to keep lines of communication open and/or protecting/guarding the others in the family? How much can a parent take, before they have to draw the line?

Sorry for the incoherent ramble. This probably doesn’t make any sense…it’s just tumbling out of my mouth and onto the screen.

I don’t know…I don’t have any answers. Do you? Any words of wisdom to impart?