A dear friend, Jacqui, wrote this poem for me and about me a few years ago. Isn’t she delightful! It sounds like we’ve been life-long friends but really we’ve never met in person, only known each other online. I have many real life friends who wouldn’t know these details about me… but a true friend does – whether in real life or via the Internet.

Home Grown Kids she is to you
Call her Susan but never Sue
Healthy lifestyle is her passion
Goji Juice the latest fashion

A treadmill is she said to own,
but seldom do we hear the drone
for often is it said than done
Susan would rather be having fun…
like working on her blog
or sipping tea and eating chocolate log

She moves all over the countryside
from every state, far and wide
Her husband’s a soldier, he keeps her in line
But knowing dear Susan, that suits her fine

A favourite group from times of old
Stryper wearing black and gold,
In God We Trust was their cry
Susan, a headbanger My Oh My!

A chocolate addiction … or so I’m told
Cadbury, Lindt or Jamaican Gold.
The Adelaide crows are number one,
This is serious not just fun.

Softball is her favourite sport,
lots of balls has Susan caught.
Her post are long and full of facts,
they leave us speechless in our tracks.

An inspiration she is to me,
so lets all treat her gentle…leeeee