A sweet lady named Susan (how could she be anything else with a name like that?) visited my blog and left a comment. Over a cup of coffee, I popped over to her place and just so adamantly agreed with her words that I thought I’d quote them here and point you to her place.

Susan is a follower of Jesus The Christ, wife to fellow follower who happens to be a pastor, and mother to his eight children. You can find her blogging over at MomsHeart48.

I heard a quote from Franklin Graham the other day. He said “Truth is Provocative”. Whee! Thank you so much. I am so tired of apologizing for simply telling the truth. Shoot yes, the truth hurts. It hurts because the sting of sin is real! When truth hits sin it’s like peroxide hitting an open wound …there will be a reaction. We must let truth do it’s work. We must stop apologizing for it’s provocativeness! The fact that the truth will hurt all on it’s on is why we are warned to speak it in love. We don’t need to shout it …a simple whisper will hurt and will make it’s point because truth is a work of God. All truth is God’s truth. We must embrace it …not evade it. We must speak it …not soften it. We must let it sting the sin right out of us and then let it restore to rightness with God…Jehovah God… the eternal self existent one who hates sin but loves sinners.

The reason that her words resonate with me so strongly at the moment may have something to do with my current reading list. Have you read The Truth War by John MacArthur? Free excerpt is also available from this page.

Right now, truth is under attack, and it’s going on within the boundaries of evangelicalism. There’s a lot at stake and there’s no middle ground—no safe zone for the uncommitted in this war.

John MacArthur has written this book to unveil the enemy’s tactics and equip you to fight. Here’s what you’ll learn

  • The pitfalls of postmodern thinking.
  • The inherent flaws of the Emerging Church Movement.
  • The historic skirmishes in the truth war and their effect on the contemporary church.
  • The vital importance of truth and certainty in a postmodern age.