Last week was our first week back at school lessons. Rambo started in Yr 11 at the local school and this particular school starts a week after the public schools. So Falcon and I also started back at establishing a whole new routine. This is the first time I have ever homeschooled one child at a time. It’s all a bit new to me. It’s all new to Falcon too as he is the youngest child and has always had his older siblings around to keep him company and provide lots of distractions.

first day school 2012

First Day of School 2012

Yr 11 – Rambo

Even though Rambo isn’t specifically homeschooling this year, we still take great interest in his education so I’d I’d like to share his subject choices.

  • Faith Studies (all students have to do this subject)
  • Maths
  • English
  • Physics
  • PE
  • Outdoor Ed
  • Business & Enterprise
  • Automotive Studies
  • IPP
  • Psychology

In his spare time he keeps fit, is learning to drive, is experimenting with DJing and mixing music, gaming, game mapping, photoshop and is a Corporal in Air Force cadets.

DS isn’t set with his future yet so is keeping his options open as to his interests. He’s going for good grades in Eng, Maths & Science if he wants to apply to ADFA but he’s also doing OE, PE & Psychology in case he decides to become a PT or work in the fitness industry. He’s continuing to work on his IT skills and do Business and IPP in case he wants to work in the IT industry.

Yr 9 – Falcon


Personal Development:

Current Events





  • Literature selections, Poetry, Research papers on significant days, and Movies for Australian Studies


  • Photography unit from CurrClick
  • Weekly photograph uploaded to blog
  • Process two photographs using LightRoom or Photoshop per week

Art Appreciation:

  • Weekly study

Music Appreciation:

  • Informal weekly study
Falcon may attend the same school as Rambo next year for Yr 10 so we are preparing for that. I am considering adding Skwirk to our program to supplement English and SOSE. Have I overlooked anything? Any thoughts?