HOWTATwo years ago, I had the opportunity to lead an email discussion group while studying the Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach (herein referred to as HOWTA) by Robin Sampson. I’d like to share the chapter summaries and things I’ve pondered here.

Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach Book Study

The first sentence sums it all up! The HOW TA begins with the Bible as the centre of education, with all subordinate studies taught through the light of God’s Word.. This tells us what we can expect from the book. Robin Sampson then goes on reminding us (or in some cases it might be informing one for the first time) that we need to make the very most of whatever time we have left.

Robin then shares what the Hebrews thought of ‘the heart’ in contrast to what or how the Greeks believed to be important. She tells us that the Hebrews believed;

  • The Heart is the centre of our Intellect.
  • The Heart is the centre of emotions.
  • And the Heart is the centre of our wills.

Robin then shows us the two trains of thought regarding wisdom.

1) Wisdom from God, as sought after by the Hebrews and

2) Wisdom of the world, as sought after by the Greeks.

Learning the differences between the two trains of thought have helped me in many ways. It has enabled me to see the worldview behind many things. It has been really important for me to see these differences, especially in the area of ‘education’ as I can see how far I had strayed from God’s Word in the training and teaching of my children.

Lord, help us to make the most of our time and resources. I don’t want to be idle, to waste my time on empty pursuits yet I find that I do these very things. Lord, bring me back to you more and more. Father, give me wisdom…that this wisdom may be seen as a witness by my husband, children and others that I come in contact with each day. Lord, renew my mind.

Heart of Wisdom
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Points for further reflection and study:

  • Have you ever been ‘awakened’ by a tragedy? Would you like to share?
  • What would you change if you realised you only had a short time left here on earth?
  • Have you learnt of the differences between Greek and Hebrew thought? Would you like to share?
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