We’re having a breakthrough! Yes!!!!!

Both my boys are fairly quietly spoken and humble. They’re quietly confident in themselves with many things but they’ve been slow to learn to read. Patience and gentleness have been lessons the Lord has wanted to teach me.

I’ve been working with ‘Master C’ all week, listening to him read aloud to me. We buddy-read and then he narrates section by section and it’s working well. His narrations are picking up. But one thing that has bothered me for awhile now is his vocabulary and oratory skills. Oh, I know he has a vocabulary because when he thinks I’m not listening (and when he’s alone with his brother) he talks loudly and a lot, but as soon as I come near he goes very quiet and barely mumbles a word, much to my sadness.

Well, I’ve asked him to talk- I ask him questions and do all that I can to encourage it but to no avail, sadly.

Early on this week, I was teaching the boys how to read aloud and project their voice; not to mumble or to read into the book. I put my hand up in front of their face and encouraged them to try and make their voice hit my hand. They thought this was a great joke.

But…it has worked! And not just with reading aloud- it’s worked at the tea-table and in general conversation. Wow! I’m pretty chuffed, I can now hear them. Today, John was reading aloud from his Bible and he started to mumble again and ‘Master C’ (younger brother) loudly told him to ‘hit Mum’s hand with your voice – c’mon, it works”. Off he started reading aloud- clearly and concisely!

Again I’ve learnt, just a little consistency and a dash of encouragement, a tad of laughter or silliness, and a measure of patience has paid off…. Now, to keep it going.