Whoa, what a week! I’v been sick with a horrid flu for one week… barely able to get out of bed. Body aches, fever, chills, coughing, headache and everything else that goes with the flu. There was a 3 day period that has totally escaped me. I was so out of it that I just don’t remember it at all. Sadly Miss A had the same flu at the same time so all we could do was moan and groan together. All I longed for was Vegetable Soup made with fresh chicken stock… so what’s a mama with a sick daughter to do but make it herself? Problem was it took so much energy to just make the stock that it took another day before I had the strength to make the soup… and even that took John to prepare all the veggies! On top of it all, we had a minor family crisis involving a female family member during the weekend and a special occasion occurred for Master C.

Master C attended his first Air Force Cadet Bivouac! It all happened so quickly! I had taken pictures on my phone but in my semi delirious, sick state I have lost or deleted them. The previous weekend we had attended the open day at cadets and watched Master J do his ‘thing’. John is now getting involved as an instructor at cadets and this is such a blessing. He is over qualified for the task but is looking forward to spending more time with the boys. Anyway with John all signed up as an instructor the other leaders all agreed that Master C need not wait the extra few months and that eh could join immediately. Well, this just made Master C’s week! He was so excited as he’s been patiently waiting for this day. So, Friday was spent packing all his camping gear and getting ready… but both boys had a cold and I was worried that ti would develop into the same flu that I had. It was against my better judgement that they attend…

They had a blast. The bivouac was only on base so it was perfect for Master C’s first one but he had a ball. He’s been quietly devouring every scrap of information that Master J brings hoe every week so was fairly well mentally prepared. But nothing much prepares a young man for his first biv. All I can say that already he seems to have developed more confidence, is talking more and is talking louder… which is great.

On top of all this I learned that the house we rent has been put up for sale! We were expected to have an evaluation inspection last Friday but we had to cancel. It is now scheduled for this coming Friday but with being sick all week I don’t know how I’m going to get the house in order… especially seeing that the vacuum cleaner has given up too! It has died. Argh, does it ever stop? Apparently we will have to be ready for open inspections, photography sessions (for the house) and all that palava. The house we live in is small, therefore crowded and cluttered. It’s not easy to keep clean although we try. I simply am not up to all the work needed to have this house on the market. Oh Lord, please be my help in this matter.

Anyway, I had taken a leave of absence from Facebook but may head back once I start to get better. Before I go any further I will confess my dirty little secret. I play a few games on facebook! Yes it’s true. This homeschool mama likes a few online games. So when I announced that I was leaving FB a few people suggested that I stop the games… Problem with this assumption is that they assumed that I was not coping with facebook time management which wasn’t true. I actually enjoy my few minutes each day on each game and I don’t have any issues or problems with it. My issue was, however, one of privacy. No, not even privacy for I have my FB settings to the highest. Rather it was the fact that I have a few contacts on facebook that are part of our style of evangelism- relational evangelism but I fail to see the relevance of having X amount of ‘friends’ if I only have the same 20 people relating back and forth with me regularly. If you’re not on facebook you probably don’t know what I’m talking about or don’t see the difficulty in this issue and that’s okay. Suffice to say that it was an issue that was wearing on me. So I needed time out.

I hope to be around the forums and blogs a little more in the next few days. If I owe anyone an email, please just bear with me and email me again. I haven’t meant to ignore anyone… was just totally out of it.

Love to all my blogging buddies!