Kindle, Kindle Fire, iPad, Nook or Sony Reader or even another type of ebook reader? There are so many to choose from! And even though I am doing my research, I’d like to hear from my friends and blog readers. I want your opinion! Tell me what you have or what you want and why.

Why do I want it?

With only two children left at home (and they are currently 14.5 and 16.5yrs) we are looking ahead to our future. We want to downsize. We have a rather large home library that served us well over the years but it has become tiresome to lug it all around from state to state. (Remember we’re a Defence Family).


  • To read any books from any source, pdf ebooks included.
  • To be able to take notes, keep bookmarks, etc
  • Wi-Fi
  • Easy to read

So, don’t be shy. Tell me your thoughts. Sell me an e-reader,friends.