Not only am I a follower of Christ but coffee is also one of my passions so this brief video is painfully funny but also relevant. Okay this might upset some readers so I guess it’s pretty controversial but I think for those who have been Christians for awhile or been raised as Christians there are some important lessons we can learn here. Actually there are many valid points of view that we can see from this quick video. If it offends you after watching it, ponder it for a day or so and then come back and watch it again…

I watched it with mixed emotions. I’ve been a follower of Christ for over 20 years so whenever the Church is poked I feel a little hurt but, as a follower who despises Christian-ese and the ‘playing-at-christianity‘ that many churches and Christians partake in, there’s a bit of truth in this message. So I watched it with a view to the Lord showing me His heart in it all.

You can find the original clip and more info at the Beyond Relevance site, which I’m not necessarily endorsing.
Plus I’ve had a few Starbucks coffee’s here in Australia and every cup has been bitter, which is a sure sign that the espresso shot was not extracted properly and I’ve needed 2 sugars, which is an indication that the milk has been scalded (burned) which is a big bad.