bb… my friend, Beyond Bluestockings.

Mrs. BB, as she is sometimes affectionately known, has been blogging for about one and a half years. I know Mrs. BB in real life. She may be petite, dainty and delicate in size but she has a huge heart, joyous nature, quick wit, a wicked (in the modern sens of the word) sense of humour and sharp intelligence. She is a delight to be around and a blessing to all those that she comes in contact with.

She homeschools her four darling children, loves good books, has an insatiable appetite for learning but possibly the best things about her is the fact that she, like me, loves her chocolate and coffee. 🙂

When you visit her blog, you’ll find a mixture of topics to stimulate your mind for she is a literal six-day Creationist with conservative political leanings combined with a mild red-necked opinion that she isn’t too afraid to share (politely and respectfully of course). Although raised as a feminist, she has a deep desire for God and His word and this will be obvious if you spend just one minute on her site. 😉

She writes on many topics, from education, parenting, science, politics, and books to religion and recipes. You are bound to leave her site just a little wiser yet without even realising it due to her clever writing style and amazing intellect and wit.

A few posts that I particular like and think are very useful are:

Blogging to Learn
Education, a victim of fashion?
Teach your young children to love reading
Truly Delightful Truffles (which I hope to taste next time we see each other IRL)
Are you a Christian?
Food as an idol and
a book review of Tortured for Christ.

Do pop over to BeyondBluestockings…You’ll see me over there as well. Read some of her posts and leave her a comment.