Okay, my attitude is changing. Thanks for praying for us. I can’t explain exactly how it is happening…but I can tell you where my mindset is now.

If we fight to stay here, we’ll still only be here for another 12 months…then we’re off to another posting. Because of the nature of the posting DH will be unable to do promotional courses so it is really just 12 months of marking time. It will be at least 5 years before we could look at coming back here.

Where did my adventurous spirit go? Where or when did I lose it? I don’t know…I think it started to wane 2 houses ago. But you know what? I liked that adventurous spirit. It was exciting. It was fresh and made everything seem new. If we were to go away again now, there might be a possibility that we could return again in a few years.God, I want that attitude back again – for me, for my husband and for my children.

I can move again. I have another move left in me. I can bloom somewhere else…the glass is half full. Life is full of opportunities if only I’m willing to see them that way. Homeschooling and the military is our chosen way of life. Both help to provide full, rich learning experiences for our children. The fact that one of those choices is what puts bread on the table also can’t be overlooked.

Here I was stressing over some of the children (and they have had it hard but since when has my job been to make their life easy?)  yet this is life. If my Master J wants to join the Defence Force as an adult (and he says he does) well, this is it! Military life in real time! If he decides it’s not for him, at least he will know before he signs up and commits as an adult! That is a positive.

We might get to see a part of Australia that we have never seen yet, and are unlikely to see without moving there. We’re off on another adventure! (Still don’t know any details but this is my mental attitude). John just called me to to confirm that I haven’t been drinking lol. (Just kidding people- it’s his way of asking if I was just trying to ‘put on a brave face’ for him or if I could truly live with the decision.)

Challenges. Opportunities. Half-full. Bloom. Choose to be thankful. Choose an attitude. Choose to be positive. Choose joy.

This is where I’m at right now…stay tuned. 😉