Here are my links of my meanderings around the Internet this past week. I’m a bit late with this post today as I’ve been out all over the weekend and today. Yes, it’s softball season! Yahoo! and I am so glad.

96 Essential Sites & Blogs for Gifted Homeschoolers

100 Bible Verses Everyone Should Know by Heart (Free memory verse cards)

Weston A Price Guide to Superfoods

Cyber Hussies from Christian Women Online

Ruth Beechick writes for Homeschool on all those “How To Start Homeschooling” books.

Author Lenore Skenazy on the 7.30 Report
Do you ever…let your kid ride a bike to the library? Walk to school? Make dinner? Or are you thinking about it? If so, you are raising a Free-Range Kid! Free-Rangers believe in helmets, car seats, seat belts — safety!

Helping Your Teen to Connect podcast with Mark Gregston.
Making an effort to talk with your kids is a good start. But unless the conversation eventually comes around to your teenager’s thoughts, passions and goals in life, they’re left feeling disconnected.

11 Rules Your Kids Did Not and Will Not Learn in School at the HomeScholar.

I hope you enjoy some of the links. Do you agree or disagree with any of the opinions expressed in the links?