Today was the first day of my three day juice fast. As you might remember, I had a flu for over four weeks and even now I still have a cough that I cannot shake. It’s driving me nuts but I am thankful to be better, at least.

We’ve been enjoying fresh veggie and fruit juice again ever since we splashed out and purchased a new juicer. Previously we owned a Breville Juice Fountain. Golly, that thing is a pain to clean.

The positive points about it are:

  • Can juice whole fruits or at least large pieces of fruit
  • Its fast

The negatives are:

  • Painful to clean
  • Messy
  • Loud – very loud
  • Looks clunky
  • Inferior juicing method which yields a lower quality juice meaning that it is best consumed immediately.
  • Cannot do wheatgrass and other leaves.

compact masticating juicer

Now we have a Masticating Juicer.

What’s the difference? Basically there are three types of juicers: Centrifugal, Masticating and Triturating juicers. I’ll leave you to do your own research if you want to know the differences. Alternative, if anyone really wants me to outline those differences just leave a comment and ask.

I like my Masticating Compact. It’s special. However, there are a few downsides to these types of machines, which I’ll list here.


  • Produce needs to be in smaller pices
  • It is slow. It takes me nearly 20min to extract 2 litres of juice.

But the benefits of this juicer and others like it are:

  • It’s fairly compact and a little easier to clean than the Breville.
  • It is quieter than the Breville.
  • it is cleaner than the Breville. Less mess all over the place!
  • Superior quality of the juice. It gently crushes and squeezes the produce which generates minimal friction heat. The higher the friction heat the more nutrients are destroyed. The Compact gives up to 60% more nutrients than say, the Breville.
  • It yields more juice, which is more bang for my buck! I think it has something to do with the extraction process but this juicer gives me a greater quantity of juice.
  • Because of the process used, the juice remains more stable. I keep the juice in a sealed tupperware container for 2 days, if it lasts that long.
  • It does lots of other things too! I just haven’t bothered with all that yet.
  • It juices wheatgrass, celery leaves, sprouts and spinach.
  • It makes nut butters, pasta and sausages! (Think back to an episode of MasterChef where they used a Compact)

Why juice and not green smoothies? They are very different and have different benefits. After being sick for over a month I need to give my body as many nutrients as it can get while resting my digestive system. Not everyone agrees with the different theories behind juicing vs. green smoothies but from my knowledge of the digestive process it makes sense to juice for healing.

What did I drink on Day One? Yesterday afternoon I made a juice containing, Carrot, Green Apple, Cucumber, Ginger and Celery which I drank for breakfast and lunch today. I also drank filtered water and had two cups of green tea. After lunch I made another batch of juice, this time with: Carrot, Beetroot, Watermelon and Apple.

I always try to have more veggies than fruit- to a ratio of approximately 60% veggies to 40% fruit… less fruit if I can stomach it. When I use strong veggies like Spinach or Beetroot I find I need a little more fruit whereas when I use a lot of Carrot and Celery I can get away with less fruit.

How I managed today: I don’t usually feel hungry. When I do I simply have a cup of tea and I that satisfies me for a few hours. That’s part of the problem though as I don’t eat properly and so suffer many deficiencies. But today I was hungryย althoughย I think it was all in my head. What is worse is the throbbing headache that I’ve had since lunchtime. It’s caffeine related so don’t feel sorry for me. Otherwise, I’m good.

My reason for doing this is two fold:

1. For my own health

2. I’m also using this time to pray especially for two dear friends and fellow homeschool mums who are struggling with their health. Father God knows who they are so if you’d like to join with me in prayer, that would be fantastic!

There is no doubt in my mind that raw juicing can save your life. I have seen it work miracles.”
Dr. Sandra Cabot

So how about you? Do you juice? How often do you drink fresh juice? Have a favourite recipe you’d like to share?