Learn the Bible in 24 Hours is presented by Dr. Chuck Missler of Koinonia House. The series consists of 24 one-hour videos. This would make an excellent semester series for a middle – high schooler. I have read the book and it’s worth reading… but these videos will give you an audio/visual review of the entire Bible and its design. I recommend it!

Hour 1 – Introduction
Hour 2 – Creation And The Fall Of Man
Hour 3 – The Pre-Historical Period
Hour 4 – The Patriarchs
Hour 5 – The Birth Of The Nation
Hour 6 – In The Land
Hour 7 – The Monarchy
Hour 8 – The Poetical Books
Hour 9 – The Book Of Daniel
Hour 10 – Post-Exile History
Hour 11 – The Major Prophets
Hour 12 – The Minor Prophets
Hour 13 – How Sure Can We Be
Hour 14 – The New Testament
Hour 15 – The Gospels
Hour 16 – The Last Week
Hour 17 – The Book Of Acts
Hour 18 – Romans
Hour 19 – The Church Epistles
Hour 20 – The Hebrew Christian Epistles
Hour 21 – Eschatologicial Summary
Hour 22 – Revelation 1-3
Hour 23 – Revelation 4-22
Hour 24 – Conclusion

If you were using this for your middle/high schooler, you could add in some living books, the Bible readings and you would have a full course for an entire semester!

If you added English lessons (copywork, dictation, grammar, etc) as well as historical fiction you could use this as a full year course.

Fantastic free resource! Do consider adding this to your family bible study.