Just like I prefer to use Fair Trade products I can’t help but write about one of my favourite products. I love and use Coconut Oil but only particular brands. The brand I use if Banaban Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. But why that brand?

The Banabans are the ‘Forgotten People of the Pacific’ who have suffered from one of the greatest ecological and environmental disasters over the past century.

The Banabans are an indigenous people from a small Pacific island called Banaban or Ocean Island. In 1900 Banaban was discovered to be made of pure phosphate. This fateful discovery would see the beginning of 80 years of phosphate mining and the virtual destruction of the Banaban’s homeland.

In 1945 the Banaban people were relocated to Rabi Island over 10,000 miles away in the Fiji Island group. The Banabans and their island have now been left, forgotten, still suffering from of of the world’s greatest environment and human rights injustices. The phosphate rich deposits of banaban are now scattered across the farms of Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain.

t_virgin-coconut-oil-350ml-1.7By purchasing from Nature Pacific and using the Banaban products, proceeds are used to regenerate and rebuild a better future for the Banaban people. If you would like more information you can visit the , Banaban website and/or download a pdf information sheet here.

I purchased my first bottle of oil from the ebay store…and ever since then I have purchased straight from the distributor in QLD. Not only is it a great quality oil and a good cause the service is second to none! I ordered my purchase online at 2pm on a Tuesday and I could not believe it when my oil arrived in my South Australian home on Wednesday afternoon. I mean, have you ever experienced such fantastic service? Once you order and use their products I’m sure you’ll never buy another brand of coconut product.

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