I’m probably boring everyone to tears with my moving-not-moving saga but I did say I would post In Real Time.

Today, John put in the paper for the ‘powers-that-be‘ to look over. From this, they decide where we will be. Every aspect of our life (from location, housing, career options, promotions, children, education,etc. ) are decided by them. We can put in preferences but in reality this doesn’t mean a lot. It all depends on who is managing the case file. It shouldn’t be like that but often it is.

So we have put in our preferences. Now, we wait. We wait to be told where we will spend the next few years of our life…where we will call home. We wait to see when we will have to say goodbye to family and friends here in Adelaide. We wait for them to tell us when to start packing. We wait to to hear where we’ll be moving so we can decide what to take with us and what to leave in storage or give away.

Now, we wait…and try not to get too excited over the possibilities in case we don’t get that particular location. Again, we wait to see where Miss A will fit in with her health and fitness studies. Will she do correspondence or attend on campus? I find it hard to trust when we’re not the ones making decision for our life, for our future. I stress a bit that others (who may not know us, or like us or even give a hoot) get to make major decisions that will impact my family…my children’s lives.

Now, the hard part. Waiting.

If you would continue to pray for us I’d be so thankful. Please pray that our Father moves the hearts of those who are making decisions for our lives. Please pray for our children. Please pray that we will be still and know that God is our Father and ultimately will work things for our eternal good? Please pray that I will indeed trust Him- whether or not I see Him working or not?