To go along with the new AussieHomeschool blog meme (Tell Me Tuesdays)  I thought I should at least try and post! So here goes.

Tell of your own blogging habits- frequent, infrequent, irregular, frequently irregular, etc

I blog when I can. When I want to. I never feel pressure to blog. Sometimes I’ve been known to blog twice a day but then I can go more than a week without posting.
How long have you been blogging?
I first started blogging over at about 4 years ago. I was hooked! I loved the community spirit that blogging provides as well as the opportunity to express my opinion and design my own site colours.

Why do you blog?

Hmm, there are actually quite a few reasons. Initially I simply used my blog as a method of storing forum thread responses. I found that I was repeating myself a bit or copying and pasting from previous threads. So I started a blog and referred to that. However, it soon grew to be more than that. I use blog writing as way to process my thoughts. Writing has taught me a lot about critical thinking- sequential thinking. Actually, not so much the art of writing taught me this but the questioning from readers if my writing was unclear. I was forced to look back over a post and edit or clarify things.

I also like to try and encourage others and inform others. If I learn of a good resource, I want to share it. I want to share how we pursue a Bible based education in our home. I want to encourage people to not treat the Bible as purely another subject…but to see The Living Word as foundational to everything we do – even homeschooling and academics.

Lastly, I love to design sites, change colours and play with apps!

What do you blog about?

I post my thoughts, opinions and things that I may be struggling with or learning. I post about our days, our learning opportunities and activities. I post about anything that comes to my mind. Here I asked readers, ‘what should I blog about‘?

What’s your favourite aspect of blogging?

The community! Meeting other bloggers and getting to know them via their blogs…reading their thoughts, opinions and events. The relationships that are developed.

What is your least favourite aspect of blogging?

  • That I can be 68% addicted to blogging!
  • The temptation to get caught up in time wasting with tags and all that kind of thing. If I do a tag, it has to be worth my time to do so.
  • The temptation to get so caught up with blogging that I neglect the online forums that I am a part of…that I am committed to serving.