Another new blog?

AussieHomeschool Blog

AussieHomeschool Blog

Who is writing at the blog?
This blog will not be written by one person. Rather is will be a combined effort of all Australian home-learning bloggers.

Why another blog?
Through this blog, we hope to encourage all homeschoolers parents, or those with an attitude of home-based-learning, by our written words- blogs. We aim to accomplish this by providing a common place in which to pull many Australian homeschool bloggers together so that the younger parents will glean wisdom from the old and the older ones may gain inspiration from the younger parents.

What is it about?
It is a blog – a magazine style blog. The purpose of the Aussie Homeschool Blog is to unite Australian homeschoolers regardless of differing ages, schedules, methods, curricula, locations or preferences.
By following this blog, and those on the blog roll you will come to see some real Australian homeschooling parents- the nitty and the gritty, the ups and down and the down right funny.

When will there be new content?
We hope to update the blog weekly…although the meme’s will be added to by individual bloggers, as they like.

Where is this fantastic new blog?
You’ll find it at the following address –

In fact, today is Tell Me Tuesday…a meme. There is also a meme to join in on Thursday and Friday. These meme’s use Mr.Linky, which is real easy to use, fun and it also drives more traffic to your website!

You can also join the blog roll which will give you more traffic and also enable you to visit other Aussie homeschooling bloggers!

So pop over, have a read… bookmark the site so you can visit again. You can subscribe via RSS or email and receive all new posts. The blog will be an invaluable source of inspiration, encouragement, information and fun…as much as you contribute.

Hope to see you there!