Priceless Pearls has been blogging since November, 2008 but she has a chuckling literary style, great love for the Lord and well, she posts regularly! That is always a positive in the blog world. I also know this blogger in real life. We’re quite good friends. Our children know each other and they were quiet good friends too…until they moved to another town. Hmphhh! Usually it is us that does the moving, so the experience was fairly new to us.

I had been trying to gently encourage Amanda to start a blog for many months…to no avail. Then one day she just decided to up and start one! I’m so glad she did. Priceless Pearls is where Amanda shares her life, thoughts, happenings and her opinions. She doesn’t claim to be 100% right or to know it all but she does like to share! she is a lovely lady, with an extraordinarily big heart who loves to give- of her time, of herself, in any way she can. She’s married to a lovely guy and she has two delightful children. She loves the Lord and this is extremely visible once visiting her blog and reading her posts.

Books, celebrations, Christianity and faith, her beloved Darcy, family, friends, motherhood, movies, nature, social issues, riotous randoms and anything else that takes her fancy for the day are just some of the topics she writes about in her deliciously funny way. At times you’ll be in fits of laughter and other times you’ll be left pondering the state of your own heart, after she shares her own journey. Not that PP writes to convict or to tell others how they should feel or how they should live. Rather she shares from her own life.  Seeing real faith worked out in the real lives of others is often convicting though, isn’t it?

A few favourite posts:

  • She had her fellow blog friends in a tizz for days as she eluded to the fact that she was going overseas…wouldn’t tell us where, when or why but had a guessing for days. I think she secretly enjoyed the thrill of seeing us all in a frenzy.
  • I love that she also enjoyed the same series as me – Gods and Kings series by Lynn Austin. Amanda shared her own learnings in this post
  • I can’t choose a favourite post in the category of Christian/Faith so I’ll link to the whole category. Go read all her posts in this section.
  • Mum’s the word
  • Pearls from Job & Matthew

Amanda and me...non-stop talk and coffee

So if you’ve never visited Pearls of Truth before, why don’t you pop over there right now and say hello! I’m sure you’ll find something of interest.