‘Where Children Sleep’

This photography project is quite startling. It speaks loudly yet the commentator and/or photographer doesn’t write a word other than the facts. There may be some bias in the subjects chosen but either way, there is something we can all take from this presentation.

I Spy Animals

Oh, you absolutely must bookmark the website, I Spy Animals. It is an average website as far as design but the content is amazing. Written by by Jan Perley she writes and includes plenty of images on species identification.

To Heaven and Back? by Defending. Contending.

A somewhat sensitive issue in today’s society, even amongst Christians… but how much of it lines up with the Bible? To Heaven and Back ponders these issues by studying the Scriptures.

How many times have you heard someone claim they died and got a glimpse of heaven? Recently a co-worker told me the Pastor of her sister’s church preached a sermon on heaven. In his sermon, he mentioned a little boy who’d died and entered heaven {the child was revived by doctors}. While in heaven, he saw his grandpa who he’d never met. The mother of the child showed the little boy a picture of his grandpa, and he said that wasn’t him. So she proceeded to show him another picture, one of his grandpa when he was younger, and he said that was him. I didn’t say much as I listened, but all the while I knew what she thought was true was anything but. Stories like this are told everywhere, those who do not understand what the Bible actually teaches about death and heaven swallow this as truth.

Heads or Tails?

Rebecca Trotter ponders what it means that Christ is the head of the church? We assume that this verse means that the husband should lead his wife, but does Christ really lead the church?

A husband’s job is not to direct his wife in the way that she should go. A husband’s job is to give his wife hope and comfort and the freedom to become who she was created to be (a secret only her heart knows, btw), just as Jesus offers hope and comfort and freedom to become who we were created to be in the Kingdom of God. This has nothing to do with power and authority and everything to do with love. Paul was telling men that they should be empowering their wives to be who God designed them to be and presenting their wives to Christ as an example of how well they loved.

Where’s The Octopus?

When marine biologist Roger Hanlon captured the first scene in this video he started screaming. Hanlon studies camouflage in cephalopods–squid, cuttlefish and octopus. They are masters of optical illusion. These are some of Hanlon’s top video picks of sea creatures going in and out of hiding.

The Word did not become a philosophy, a theory, or a concept to be discussed, debated, or pondered. But the Word became a Person to be followed, enjoyed, and loved.
~Roy Lessin