Two weeks down… four weeks left! Till what? Till my man comes back home. He’s been away on a work exercise… and we all miss him terribly.

My internet reading for the week has led me only to a few places, but these sites were too good to not mention. I haven’t been doing much blog reading at all so these are just ones that I’ve stumbled across. In case you haven’t noticed I’ve done a little house/blog redecorating. Yes, some readers could be forgiven for thinking that I change my design as often as I clean the kitchen but it’s not true. I redecorate my blog more often! 😀 But I like this. I’m happy with it and will stay with it awhile.

  • Ria (an Aussie living in the UK) writes about “First came love, and then came marriage“. It’s not a pleasant topic but Ria managed to articulate thoughts that I’ve had for a few years yet been unable to write. *~ It seems as though Ria has deleted or unpublished this post. ~*
  • DanisDelights has written a blog post on The Power of Kindness.
  • looks like a great site… one that I haven’t fully read or exhasuted yet. I’ll get back to this site when I’m home from hospital.
  • Downloadable guide to family worship is worth a read.
  • Tim’s wife, Aileen writes to women on (NOTE: Not for little people’s eyes)
  • Also on Callies dot com is a wonderful article about ‘Solomon on Social Media’. You really should check it out. It’s great.
  • If Solomon were alive today and we were to ask him how we are to relate to one another in this digital world, if we were to ask him how we can honor God in our use of all these social media available to us today, here is how he might respond.

  • And here’s one to share with the children – a sound clip on Biblical Prosperity Teaching for Kids
  • When God addresses children directly in Ephesians 6, He gives them an amazing incentive for obedience. Here’s the deal: If you honor and obey your parents, you’ll enjoy a long, fruitful life.

  • I’ve been reading about (which usually means reading and not doing) raw foods with Ani Phyo. I want to try the Coconut Cake with Nutella Chocolate Hazelnut Sauce and Cashew Kream which you can see in the video to the right. I’m not a raw foodist… not by a long shot. However I find that I really need to focus on it in order to improve my diet and consume more fruit and veggies. Without this focus I will simply eat nothing but grain, carbs and starch. (Ohhh, but they’re soo yummy!) Doesn’t this Cauliflower Mash & Mushroom Gravy sound divine to you?
  • I’m on the lookout for a vegetable spiralizer as can be seen here. I’m keen to try a raw Angel Hair type Pasta with Marina Sauce which uses zucchini as its [counterfeit] pasta. C’mon, most of you know my surname. We’re Italian… there is no way at all that I can truly call spiralled zucchini pasta, but I’ll give it a go for the health of my family. I mean, call it anything else but pasta? What an insult. I am a very good pasta and pasta sauce cook. It’s one of the very few things that I do well in the kitchen. So I like it. But let’s get one thing straight. Zucchini is not and never will be pasta.