A Bible study for teenage boys

Homeschool Boys ~ What is a homeschool? An education… a journey… an adventure… a lifestyle of twists, turns and trails. If your sons are like mine…. they are 4 wheelers and are always heading OFF trail. That is where this site comes in. Find here information and encouragement for moms of boys from a mom of all boys.
I know this ‘mom’ from an online forum. She knows her stuff!

How should we homeschool boys? Anyone who has ever been a parent to a little boy can tell you that they are generally louder, more energetic, and more physical than little girls. So when we homeschool boys, why do we think we can use the same teaching methods that we use for girls?

Homeschooling Boys.com has 3 pages worth of articles that you’ll want to bookmark!

From the above site the blog post, How Boys Learn

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Articles by Douglas and Nancy Wilson

Future Men
Hard Work
The Long March
Manners for Boys
Boyish Imagination
Mothers in Proverbs by Nancy Wilson (wife of Douglas Wilson)

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Books for boys, reluctant readers, and why reading is so important

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A Few Books

Dangerous Book for Boys
Young Man After God’s Own Heart
Do The Hard Things
Preparing Sons to Provide for a Single-Income Family Steve Maxwell
I Kissed Dating Goodbye Joshua Harris
Raising a Modern Day Knight, Robert Lewis
Future Men, Douglas Wilson
Raising Boys, Steve Biddulph
Wild at Heart, John Eldridge

Do you have any articles, blog posts or worthy books to add to the list?