I have linked extensively to GoodSeed in the past but they have an extra special freebie which is perfect for this time of the year. Plus I like GoodSeed and wanted to highlight them today. 🙂

The Lamb image


by John R. Cross.
This beautifully illustrated book will take them on a remarkable journey from Creation to the Cross, explaining the true significance of the baby in a manger.

By laying a foundation starting with creation, a clear identification is made between Jesus and the sacrificed lamb for forgiveness of sins. Issues like death are dealt with in an honest, straight-forward manner, but never is the child left hanging. Hope is always introduced. With a review at the beginning of each chapter and questions at the end, the concepts presented are reinforced many times and give you tools to check how much your child is understanding. Included with the book is a 60 minute CD, providing a word for word narration woven together with a specially written song tying in with the story.

Read the first three sections of the book in PDF format or register and access the entire FREE eBook. These guys are not spammy, they don’t send you dozens of emails- I highly recommend registering on their site.

If you have children or grandchildren and want to present the gospel to them in a way that is easily understandable yet full of truths you want to RUN over to GoodSeed right now and grab this amazing freebie. Whilse you’re there, check out the amazing free resources they have. Have I mentioned how much I really like and appreciate the ministry of Good Seed? And if you really like them, consider a donation or love gift… check out their financial policy here.

About GoodSeed

The ministry of GoodSeed believe that Christians need to be clear on the Bible’s primary message – the gospel – so that we can pass it on to others in a way that makes sense. Their materials are geared toward those who have little-to-no Bible background, which may be due to age (children), a remote location (tribal) or because a dominant religion hinders a clear explanation of the Scriptures.

Go check them out: http://www.goodseed.com/