I managed to creep into the deep, dark recesses of my computer to find the Course Requirements that I compiled for my high school children.

• Complete one essay in-depth (biographical, comparative,changing over time, or question based essay) from each group of three lessons, per week. (Ensure that student covers all forms of report/essay)
• Read two relevant/appropriate books per term. (One book must be either primary source or classic, depending upon availability. (see Mum for high school booklist)) Submit a written book report, book synopsis or chapter reports for each book.
• Submit 2 – 3 projects (either assignments or choices from MoH or HoW)
• Maintain history timeline. Complete any mapping exercises as per course book.
• One page essay per term, in preparation for exam.
• Take tests/quizzes/worksheets as prescribed in course book.
• Take term exam.
• Take yearly exam.
• Watch appropriate video’s, documentaries or shows and discuss.

This allows the students to read for understanding and knowledge. They read quality literature as well as learning to write in in various forms. Creative and individual activities are also catered for.