I’ve always changed my blog design. That’s not new. But I’ve never been one for grey. I’ve previously thought it to be mediocre, dull and lifeless with zero personality. Oh! What a turn around! I’ve come to love and appreciate all things grey. From light grey to darker shades of grey, the complements and contrasts speak of my life. Grey is not just grey!

I used to be fairly black and white. Not that I thought so at the time. But I was. And that is probably not a bad thing when you’re trying to teach and guide your children.  But every day, every week I realise how broken, how messy, how imperfectly grey our lives are. No one has it all together – they just might look like it. Or maybe they really do feel like they’ve got their ducks in a row… but life has a way of teaching us painful lessons. Lessons such as the world simply isn’t only various shades of black or white but many shades of grey. And whilst they may seem painful things to learn at the time, they are indeed profitable and I’m thankful for them.