Today was one of those days. Of not coping. As much as I love them I am so over The Wiggles.  Do the Propeller, Do the propeller around and around, Do the propeller.. “Do the propeller, Do the propeller around and around, We’re going up and up and up and up”
Stop Susan, have a normal conversation for once!

No, not even the toilet is safe. Jax, being like an only child, just needs me to be parental, best friend, helper, educator and entertainer, friend, cook, nurse and playmate  24/7  whilst I just need some Quiet Time. And I need it now. If I resign myself to doing nothing but The Wiggles on DVD he doesn’t want to watch it. But he can’t let me sit two feet away and be on the computer while he watches tv or plays – he has to climb all over me whilst doing the Wiggles! And as any respectable parent knows, you can’t simply watch the Wiggles one has to DO the Wiggles! Can’t do the dishes – he breaks a glass. Can’t do the laundry without liquid being spilt on the floor and played in. Can’t cook as he needs to help me. Of course. Can’t watch him play outside because he needs me to be actively involved. Of course. Every minute of every waking hour. Of course. If you could see this boy. He is delightful! And I love him to bits! I really do, it’s just to tiring.


I needed to get out so I decided to go window shopping.  Not retail therapy just window shopping, with maybe a Dirty Chai but… as it happened, John and Jax went with me, because you know, that is my quiet time, my space. Uhh. So we went and got a coffee (and yes, I’m back on dairy for now) and a new cookbook (always a yay!) and layby-ed some pretty dresses. Score! I also bought a new (new to us) Wiggles DVD, which only proves that I am totally crazy and deserve everything I get.

Went home and put on the Wiggles DVD (Gee, I should get a commission from The Wiggles!) – Jax was QUIET! Enamored!  And even though it is the Wiggles, it is all new to me! Booyah! I’m rockin’ this parenting gig. Second time around, fingers crossed.

john/jax/susan image

And then, in between picking 20yo up from work, (because he has lost his license-as you do at that silly age) and dropping 18yo off to work, (as you do because his parents are too darn lazy to take him for driving lessons so he can’t get his P’s yet), you then attempt to get spiffied up to go out to tea with your husband for a nice meal.

With a 2.5yo in tow.

Silly, silly grownups.

It took us longer to get dressed and ready to go out than it took for us to eat the meal. Which wasn’t even yummy.

Bring on tomorrow. Quickly. This too shall pass. Tomorrow is another day. What other things did I used to tell homeschooling mothers of Little Ones? C’mon, gimme some encouragement, mamas!?

Just an ordinary day in the life of me.