The way to true femininity, true masculinity, true womanhood, the path to wholeness is to know God and to love Him.

The more we know God and understand who He is, the more we understand true sexuality – both masculine & feminine sexuality. We are made in His image.Once we understand the nature of God, our Creator, then we can quit striving to be feminine and we can just be who we are as women – and that will be feminine. Of course, that will look different to the many modesty/purity/feminine books with teacups and flowers on them but it will be true femininity.

Our womanhood, our femininity, is not found in hair salons (as much as I like them) or the nail salon nor in makeup or clothes. Our attempts to glorify our-self starts and ends with self confidence and self esteem – all substituting ‘self’ for God. But made in His image, He has given us dignity, purpose and respect… we can stop focusing on what we achieve in life and instead focus on what we have been given.