Anyone remember my post earlier this year about how much I was looking forward to a settled year and how much I planned to accomplish with the boys?

I wrote:

I’m also looking forward to this year. This is shaping up to be the first year in many that we will not be moving house! Six moves in seven years- hmmm, it is very tiring. I’m looking forward to only having normal life interruptions this year, in this house! :wink: I am hoping to do some intensive one-on-one work with the boys in the areas of math, science and physical education. I also hope to write a few more lessons in my Bible study which I’ll then upload to the site.

Ha! I was wrong! So very wrong, which I why I have given up on being a planner. We found out last week that we will be moving again. It is totally unexpected and out of the blue, but it is a compassionate posting due to family needs. Part of me is sad and cranky because I’m tired of moving and I really like the weather here in QLD. But another part of me is so overjoyed to be going back to our home state of SA. I haven’t seen my father for 18 months and I have missed him so much. Once we found out the bare details last week, the children have been unable to concentrate or focus on anything other than moving and life in the new state. They’re also very excited! The older the children get and the more ingrained into a town they are, it is harder for them to leave but we are looking forward to making SA our home again.

It will be a quick move, within 12 days, which we’ve done before 🙄 so if I’m not around forums, email and blogs very much you’ll know why.

This whole move also brings with it (as a part of it and also separate) a different situation, one that has involved more pain that I have ever experienced in my life. Our Father knows of all this, of course, so any prayers you can offer on our behalf would be most appreciated.