We didn’t make it to church yesterday. DH still needs a bit of help in the morning after his recent shoulder reconstruction…and with another teen in the house (daughter’s friend) we just didn’t make it out the door by 8.45am.

So, we decided to go out for a few hours. We drove north heading toward Caloundra…on the way we stopped and walked up Wildhorse Mountain to the scenic lookout where we stayed for awhile (until we got our breathe back) and surveyed the beautiful Glasshouse Mountains.

As we were expecting initially to go to church and not sight-seeing, we didn’t take the good camera with us but ‘Master C’ , who has been showing a lot of interest in photography lately, had taken his little cheap digital camera with him. It’s not a flash camera but I thought I’d upload the photos anyway.

We went further along until we actually arrived in Caloundra where we walked through the street markets (which is always fun eh?!) and then we went to the golden arches as John needed a drink to take his tablets. We then ventured onto the most delightful beach where we had chicken and chips for lunch. After this, we walked along the beach a little, finding a few hermit crabs along the way when we looked up to see some sky divers coming down to land on the beach. Ah, it certainly took John back a few years…to the times where he had racked up over 300 jumps.

The children were fairly quiet on the way home. I think they were a bit tired from walking up the hill…and the walk on the beach!

I took ‘Miss A’ , ‘Miss R’ and ‘Miss R”s friend to church at 6pm and then spent some time with John playing with our latest toy – Dragon Naturally Speaking before going to pick the girls up from church.

We cannot believe the weather here. It is the middle of winter and we’re going to the beach???!!! The coldest day has been about 12 degrees whereas that would be the warmest day in winter in Canberra. No wonder I had trouble adjusting to ACT weather. It’s just not right!!!