Can you imagine a show ride that would be a mixture of the huge, fast, scary roller-coaster combined with the whirliness of the ‘Tornado’ ride? Well, I have my ticket and I’m preparing to board.

I tell you, life with my husband is never boring! My mother used to call John ‘The Tornado’ and it was exciting when I was 20. Now, it’s still exciting but it’s also tiring. I guess I can’t lay the blame all at his feet though- some of it is just life…life with children.

After much house hunting, we finally have a house to go to. It ended up being a DHA home, after all that looking around and comparing we did. Oh well, at least we have a house with a smallish back yard that is large enough for the boys and I to do a little gardening.

Regular readers of this blog may recall that my 16yodd is an athlete. She was selected to represent Australia in the U/19 Youth Development Squad so we are off to Sydney next week to watch her train and play. She has been training for this since January. I’ve been proud of her as she has matured through her sport. She now spends many hours in individual training- not because I or a coach is pushing her but because she wants to. She knows what she must do in order to be physically and mentally ready and she has been slowly and steadily preparing herself, as best she can.

We head off in seven days. We’ll be gone for nine days. We get back home and unload our bags just in time to start packing the house as two days later, the packers will be here to start packing the house! One the third day after arriving home, we move to our new home! How it will pan out is beyond my understanding. How I will cope with it all is something I do not know. However, looking on the bright side, at least it is something that isn’t going to drag on and on- within a few short weeks, it will all be over and done with and we’ll be settled into our new place.

I’m looking at schools in the area for my 14yodd. The local school has an emphasis on arts, music and drama so she is looking forward to that. Naturally, she is feeling a bit of a pull at the moment as she emotionally prepares to leave her friends again. In the big picture, I’m sure it means lots of life experience and life skills for her, but it is painful at the time.

The boys are excited…our home is in a cul-de-sac again, which means that they play outside! Yay!! We have no backyard here and it is a busy road so they don’t go outside much, which isn’t too exciting if you’re a boy! We’re looking at planting a few herbs and vegetables once we get settled.

Me? I’m looking forward to being somewhere longer than 12 months. This posting is at minimum 18months with a possibility of 3 years, so I find that pretty exciting. Did I mention that I love the weather here? Yesterday, the coldest period was 9 degrees but in poor ACT 8 degrees was the warmest! Oh, while I love my friends in Canberra I don’t miss the weather.

If I don’t post often over the next month, this is why. Going away and moving house can have that effect. 🙂