Ever written a post and wished you could delete it? Well, that’s kinda how I felt about my last post. Not because I threw a hissy fit…I have done that previously with life and God, rather because it wasn’t encouraging or informative. I did think twice about posting it (and even left it in my draft folder for 24hours, aren’t I a good blogger? lol) because it didn’t point to Christ…didn’t encourage anyone to seek God’s word or aim for anything (health, family life, etc). I was simply having a whinge. I wondered if I should delete the post. But then I realised that this is my site…if you came to my house and had coffee with me, you would hear it from my lips. If you are my ‘IRL’ (In Real Life) friend you would be walking this journey with me IRT (In Real Time) so why not on my blog?

I guess I’ll apologise in advance for the fact that my posts related to the possibility of moving may not be encouraging, uplifting, informative or the like…but they will be real- an autobiography of my thoughts during this period of my life. Don’t like it? Tell me about it. I have to be a little careful as I’m talking about a government agency…so I will try to refrain from truly speaking my mind but you’ll get the gist of where my head and my heart is. You’ll get to share in my ups and downs, the nitty and the gritty. Don’t expect it all to look like sweetness and light. Yup, God is my Father and He is mighty…doesn’t mean I walk in that 24/7, unfortunately. I’d like to say that I don’t compartmetalise God and most of my theology doesn’t…but the ‘rubber meets the road’ not as much in doctrine but in real life eh.

So if you don’t care for these posts, don’t read. If you do need to know 😉 they will be tagged with ‘moving house‘.

As a total aside to this post…God is good! I got my baby back yesterday. :rotfl: Yes! Yes! Yes! (She exclaims wildly with fists pumping in the air!) He knows my wants, er needs. lol