Being that I primarily blog for the glory of the Lord, for my own enjoyment and for my family I’m going to start relating a few stories from my past. It’s been a long time since I wrote much about my children. That is a deliberate and intentional plan. I’m really thankful that my past was not captured on the Internet. When John and I met, we had to get to know each other the old fashioned way. We spent time together, asking questions and going through the full range of emotions that arose from those discussions. I want that for my children. I don’t want my child’s prospective partner to log on to my website and find out quirky little details about the person they’re interested in. I want a partner to learn from my child that they struggled in Maths, not read it on my blog.

Sharing My Story

I want to share my story with you, not my children’s story. Their story is theirs to tell.

Juicy Scandals

You’ll just have to sign up to receive all the gossip as it is written. Seriously though, I won’t be writing much of my early childhood and certainly not my teen years as to relate it via writing would not glorify the Lord. It would be about me, me and me in grisly detail. What’s the point of that? Sin is sin is sin is sin. That’s all I need to share about it and that’s all you need to know.

Why Now?

I have felt a check in my spirit about sharing such things before yet now I feel released to do so. I wanted my children to hear things first. I didn’t want them hearing or learning my thoughts, beliefs, values and events via my blog. They are my children. They deserve to know about me before anyone else does! But these things take time. Life takes time to live.

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The beauty of the written word is that it can be held close to the heart and read over and over again

Florence Littauer