We’ve been so busy house-hunting for a rental house that there hasn’t been much time for anything else. Anything else except AFL (Aussie Rules football, of course!). We drove to the Gold Coast on Saturday night to the watch the Adelaide Crows beat North Melbourne. It was a good night out.

I find it hard living in ‘limbo‘, not knowing what my week will hold. We could pack and move this week, next week or in two months time. Then there is the open inspections that we have to attend in order to see if a house is suitable. All this meant that we didn’t do any lessons last week- and it wore me out!

While this week may be similar, I really desire to at least do Bible study with the children. If nothing more is done, then that is fine…but at least I want the most important things tended to. I don’t need to do large, overwhelming lessons rather ‘here a little, there a little‘ lessons will enable me to reach the target.

I will be working with ‘Miss A’ this week, through a book called Help Me to Grow and it is by Rev. John Annells, who is a local Baptist minister in South Australia. He is also a lecturer at the Baptist Theological College and Tabor College. This study has been designed for the new Christian and while ‘Miss A’ has been raised in the ways and knowledge of God, this study will still be beneficial for her, as she slowly starts to make her way into the world. She will benefit in also learning to articulate her thoughts. She has a lot of knowledge and wisdom when it comes to being a believer but she often has difficulty in communicating her thoughts.

Anyway, this fabulous little book is available FREE online (as is most books from New Creation Teaching Ministries) so you can view the page here or download the pdf here. It is only 345 kb.

The boys and I will continue to go through ‘Training Hearts, Training Minds’, as we read the Scriptures. After finishing book 3 in the Kingdom series, we will go on to read Bridge to Terabitha. We are waiting for the next books in Kingdom Series to arrive from the US. Once we finish Bridge to Terabitha, we might go to the cinema to watch the movie. That will be a real treat- just the boys and I. Leonie posted the links to the movie site and a study guide that I will glean some tips from. Thanks Leonie!

What Bible study are you doing with your teens? I’d love to hear about it.