‘Master C’ has given me permission to share his first attempts at written narration. This is not a narration from a book but from an event. It is of a day that we went, as a family, to Dreamworld. I have left it complete with grammar and spelling errors but I have removed the names of the friends that accompanied us, for their privacy. ‘Master C’ had recently turned 10 at the time of writing.

28th Oct 2007

Opens at 10:00 Am – Closes at 5:30 Pm

Yesterday we went to DreamWorld. We all got up and got ready we started to get in the car then someone left a door open. So the battery was flat. Dad and Mum had to go down to the shop to get Jumperleads. When they came back we reversed both cars down the driveway and put the cars in place. Dad soon got the car working so we started on our trip to the H’s. There we picked up N, and L and left for DreamWorld.

It took abuot half a hour to get there. When we did get there it took another fifteen minutes to get in the gates. Then when we got in we had a small talk then we split up. Dad and Mum came with me and John went with Beck and ‘Miss A’ went with N and L.

Dad and Mum and I went to the Goldrush Country. And we went to the Rapid Water ride. When we got on it went under a cave with plastic people inside it. Then it got up to the heavy waves and we all got a little bit wet, then it came to the end and we got off.

We kept walking and Mum was trying to find the log water ride and we found it. We waited in the big line and when we finally got on it stopped at a place for a while then it started going again. It went up a small ramp in a building and then fell in water and we got a bit wet then it went through a small cave then we looked up and we saw a rhino and then we got out of the cave and there was another cave with a sign at the entry. It said, Heavy Waters Ahead. “Watch out heavy waters are ahead” said Mum and there was a little wave and we were out of the cave and turning around into a big building that made us go up then down out of the building into the water and splash! all this water went on us and we got soaked. Then it turned and that was the end of the log water ride. So we kept walking we saw a cart type thing go past us and go on top of a tower so I said “Lets go on that ride” and then Mum said “No I dont want to go on that” Mum looked scared but Dad said “Lets go on it” while Mum was looking scared. So we were heading through Wiggle World and we walked under a tunnel and then walked up a ramp and saw a skull. We looked at the top and it said “TOT” meaning Tower of Terror so we walked in.

There was a huge line so we waited we got to a bridge type of thing with glass under us and under the bridge was a small model of a city with sounds of police sirens. We walked past the bridge and there was a staircase with a big line on it. We got up the staircase and to safety zone 3 and we saw a big door with sign one sign saying ‘front row’ and one saying ‘back row’ and another saying ‘third row’. The door opened after a while and we saw a car type of thing. We stepped on the third row of the car and put small seatbelts on. I saw a man walk to a small room. I saw him press a button and I saw a camrea flash and we started moving really fast. It kept going and went up a huge mountain type of thing then it fell back down to where we came from. We got our bags and went away down a elevator. Dad pretended the elevator was ment to be scarey so he screamed loudly. When the elevator got down we saw a shop. We went to the counter and looked at the photo`s.

So we went to the motocoster where there was a huge line. When we finally got there I wanted to go into the sidecar, Dad wanted to go to Pole Positoin (position). Mum wanted to sit in the middle so we all sat in the middle for Mum. When I put something down it got stuck on my leg and it hurt. I was screaming the whole race. we finally got off and we went to go for lunch.

We were waiting for ‘Miss A’ and Beck and L, N and John. They came. Mum and Dad went to go to the car for some rolls with chease. When we were done we went in a group to the Tower of Terror again. I was crying so much becase I didnt want to go again but Mum foreced me to. So I did and I didnt care. I had my eyes a little bit open. John had his eyes closed fully when we did the Tower of Terror. We looked at the Photo and it looked good so we bought the Photo. The Photo looked funny becase someone in the bottem left.

We walked to the Claw Thrill ride. Mum went on it and we took Photo`s on our camara while Mum was on the Claw. Next we went to the Cyclone but I didnt want to go on. I wanted Mum and Dad to go on but they did not want to go on without me. So we walked to the bumper cars. Mum kept bumping me while i was trying to go in a circle so i bashed Mum for to bumps.

Then we walked to the IMax Theater we watched a space station documentry.

About a space statoin.

Then we walked out to a chair and waited for John, L, N, ‘Miss A’ , and Beck to come. We talked for a while then we walked out of DreamWorld and got in the car and we drove back to the H`s house. We dropped off N but L stayed with us. And we drove back to our house with L. We got back and ate and stayed up for a little while then we got told to go to sleep.

My Favorite rides Are:
Tower of Terror
Rapid water ride

The rides i went on:
Tower of Terror
Rapid water ride
Log water ride
Bumper cars
The End