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Freedom versus Bondage

There are things that I struggle with in my life. Some things I have even had to set boundaries for. These boundaries give me the opportunity for accountability…they help me to be strong in areas that I am weak. Rules, boundaries, safe-guards, guidelines, do’s, do not’s…call them what you will but they are boundaries

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Should You Register To Homeschool?

Do you know what the law says with respect to home educating? Do you understand that there is a difference between Law and ‘policy’? Do you understand what your obligations are to the Ed. Dept and to your children? Who is responsible for the education of your children? What would you do if the system was not happy with your endeavors at educating your children and ordered you to return them to a school where they must attend?

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Does God Say ‘Oops’?

I have a problem when a person is fairly adamant about a decision or choice they’ve made, claiming that ‘God told them to do it’. Some of these things aren’t black or white areas; they’re just every day decisions in life that we all have to make. Does God says oops?

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