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Baby Photo Used in Scam

I recommend using a free or premium service like photobucket or flickr to host your photo’s as you can control the privacy settings. However, as much as many people don’t like or trust facebook, they can be used to securely (as secure as anything ever is on the Internet) host your flicks. Just remember that there are 22 privacy settings to date so be mindful to go through all your privacy settings.
If using wordpress or blogger you can also upload your photo’s but post them in a password protected post.
It may not be of great concern if your photo’s aren’t direct head shots of your children… it’s up for you to decide. But please, just be careful and deliberate about all that you do on the Internet.

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Random Quote

Home is where we belong, it is our space and our place whether for a week, a year or as long as we can foresee. It is where we can just ‘be’ and also where we can express ourselves in our surroundings, be they a temporary room, a rented apartment or our own house. It is a place of rest from work, but also requires work to keep it going. It is a place of relaxation and of enjoyment in making it interesting, colourful, beautiful and welcoming; where we can thrive rather than passively survive.

— ~ Adapted from Ruth Fowke