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Familiarity with Bible Terminology

The Bible can be hard to understand. It can seem like a foreign language. In a sense, it is. If you were going to go and live in another country where English isn’t spoken would you try to learn the native language in an effort to understand the people, the culture? Well, the Bible can be likened to that too! Learning the language, the terminology, the use of literary style…It’s hard work. It takes study. It takes time, effort, patience and diligence. It won’t happen in 10 min a day, especially if that 10 minutes a day is spent reading someone else’s thoughts on that country or language. Naturally, you’d be much better off to spend time directly learning that language eh. So I’ve been thinking that I’d like my children to have a better grasp on the Bible and God’s plan and purpose than I did…so how am I going about that?

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