Do you use the 5W’s and a H to teach your children? I do! I have found it beneficial in more than one way.

When the children were younger and narrating orally to me, the would sometimes forget, especially with some literary books that seem to waffle a bit and take time to get to the point. I started by telling them to remember as many nouns as they could.

Then I came across the idea of 5W’s and a H. It’s not a new idea at all…but it helps me to teach my children to research, to think logically and to organise their thoughts. I made a sheet which listed the W’s and a H and how it could relate to each and every chapter, book, story or movie. I also made a blank sheet so that the child can fill it in while reading. It can be used for all ages.

What are the 5W’s and a H?

Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

I call it our Observation Sheet.

We have used these sheets for every subject, including Bible study. They can form as memory joggers or prompts when making a lapbook, writing an essay or a project. This sheet can easily be incorporated with other study skills such as mind-mapping. You can also use them as narration or writing prompts.

You can download a copy of the sheets below. Let me know if you use it, and if you find it beneficial.

Download link: Observation Sheet