John the Baptist was sent by God. He was equipped and commissioned by God for a special ministry. He pointed to The Truth of Jesus, the Revealer of the Father. We too, are here on God’s business – sent by God into this world. For a purpose. God has a plan and a purpose for each life.

Do you think that the people in the Bible were exceptional… with their own specific errand on their own specific mission? Maybe so. But it is also true that we, homeschool mums, are on a similar mission. I’ve not seen a burning bush nor received my commission from Jesus’ lips directly but nevertheless, I have a definite work to do. My work, my mission, is in simple obedience to God. I am to submit to Him. I am commanded, like John the Baptist, to point to Jesus Christ.

Am I living out God’s purpose for me?  Am I doing that which He wants me to do? Am I using my gifts, talents, passions and interests for His glory?

I want to make the most of the time I have here… I can only do this by looking to God for direction. In this, I will know that I am fulfilling the mission that He has for me here on earth.

There was a man sent from God.”