After my past Diary Day post, Leonie commented that I seemed to do a lot of reading aloud. Yes, I did…On That Day! 😀

Monday’s are usually my heaviest read aloud day…but I’d like to share what happened yesterday, just in case anyone was under the false impression that I have everything all together.

After getting John off to work, I immediately jumped into the car to take ‘Miss A’ to work for a 7.30am start. I came home, supervised a few chores, cleaned the bathrooms and jumped in the car to take ‘Miss R’ to school. Home by 8.45am and at 9.30am a tradesman arrived to install blinds in the bathrooms, toilet, laundry, kitchen and dining rooms. Yay, we finally have some privacy. He ended up being here for 2 1/2 hours!!! During this time, I have to be available as he might need to ask a question plus he he roaming around my house. The boys went on with all their individual lessons.

We popped out to the shops, before picking Rebakh up from school. I was at the checkout, having put all the groceries through when I realised that I didn’t have my keycard. ‘Miss A’ had it from the night before!!! So, I ask the shop to hold my goods in the fridge. We run to the car and pick ‘Miss R’ up. We get home, she gets changed and we’re back into the car to take her to work. Thank the Lord that both girls work at the same place! ‘Miss R’ and ‘Miss A’ swap shifts and I get my card back. We zoom back to the shop, which is 10kms away, passing John (DH) along the way. We pick up the groceries and head home where I have 15min to catch up with my husband before ‘Miss A’ and I head out the door again to go to softball. Ugh, traffic was shocking. Took us 15min just to get over the Gateway Bridge. The traffic report said traffic was slowed to 60kmp/h on the bridge but we were only inching our way over it. John had to pick ‘Miss R’ up at 6pm.

Whew, we’re at training and I sat in the car and read and spend some much needed time with the Lord. We amble home to find that everyone has had CatchWhatYaCan for tea. Ugh, this means they tend to catch what they can but not clean up after themselves. Oh well, I’ll face the mess in the morning.

How much reading aloud did I do yesterday? NONE!!!!!

So if anyone got the guilts after reading my Diary Day post, I hope you feel better now. 😀 Each family is different and has their own uniqueness. Praise God!