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Okay so I was going to just have a blank page (because that’s my sense of humour) but figured that no one else would get my point…so I’ll explain.

I started blogging mainly as a way to keep my written responses. I had been writing similar posts to email groups and forums and thought a blog was a good way to keep the posts in one area. I was gobsmacked to receive a few awards throughout the years, and for awhile I displayed them on my blog.

I also used to keep a visitor counter. You know those cute little widgets that inform as to the amount of visitors and where they are located? For awhile it was fun. However, I started to check my stat counter a little too frequently. I realised that my heart attitude was not as it should be.

So my personal decision is to not use a stat counter or place awards on my site. No, I do not think there is anything wrong with them nor do I think they are sinful. My decision to do this is truly a personal one, and those who have followed my blog for any length of time will know that I have struggled with managing Internet time over the years. This decision is to help me guard my own heart. It is not directed at you or any other reader/writer/blogger. It is based upon my own weakness – pride. I want to point to Christ but so often my flesh gets in the way.

If you have a stat counter and/or awards on your blog, please know that I think nothing of it…I don’t stand in judgment in any way. I really want readers to understand that my decision is a personal one because of my weakness.


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