After my last post, I thought I’d do a quick quiz. Guess what? It’s official! I am not as addicted to blogging as I once was. There, I read it on a website so it’s gotta be true eh?

Actually, the only reason I scored 68% is because I know what I’m doing with blogs, not because I blog regularly or frequently. So I use RSS instead of manually checking individual blogs? Doesn’t mean I’m addicted…but it does mean I’m trying to be efficient with my time. So, I represent, resemble, er resent that score of 68%. 😉

68%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?


How about you? Are you a blog addict? Here are ten signs that may indicate that you have an addiction.

  1. Bloglines, Google Reader or some other RSS reader is constantly open on your computer’s desktop.
  2. You tell customers/friends that you missed a project deadline because “some things” came up but in reality, you were blogging.
  3. You periodically dream that you are blogging.
  4. You get inspiration for new blog posts at the strangest times – in the spa, on the softball diamond, while reading a book aloud to your children, while showering… you get the picture.
  5. Before blogs, you used to tuck the kids into bed at night. Now you check for unapproved blog comments before heading to bed yourself.
  6. In order for your family to keep up with what’s going on in your life, they have to read your blog. Furthermore, if they want to communicate with you, they have to comment on your blog.
  7. You have actually considered setting up a blog for your pet of which you would post the entries pretending you are your pet (weirdo).
  8. You can’t remember dates for your wedding anniversary, kids birthdays, etc., but you know what your Technorati rank is.
  9. You blog about anything and everything including bad meals, your pets, getting your car stuck in snow, conversations you have in the bathroom, etc.
  10. Keeping a blog is no longer enough but you now have to record your every move on Twitter.

Nah, I’m sure I’m the only one who has experienced those things…none of you gals (generally my reader base are women) would know what I’m talking about eh? 😉

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