After communicating, or rather learning to communicate, via the Internet for about 15 years now I have experienced a few things: from what to do and what not to do. I have learned things the hard way and at times, it has hurt. There are various forums on the Internet from chat rooms, to social bookmarking sites, email groups, forums and now, blogs. They each have a role to play in the construction of the world wide web.

However, this is my little corner of the world. I decorate how I like, write what I want and discuss what I want. I don’t feel bad about it. Just as if I were having afternoon tea at my place, I wouldn’t be able to listen and converse intimately with every single person, on every occasion, so it is with my blog. If there is a gate crasher, entering unannounced purely to spoil the fun by rudely ramming their products or dogma down my throat I will ask them to leave. So I will do with spammers. They’re just not welcome here, and I will delete their comments.

I will also delete any comments that are disrespectful to me or others. I totally understand that we all have different opinions and thoughts but any expression of them on my blog is to be respectful and considerate. That’s all. You may post anonymously if you feel the need but just don’t expect to be conversed with. I don’t post anonymously on forums or blogs. I believe that I need to be accountable for my words and actions. So, I won’t delete anonymous comments but I reserve the right to choose to enter into discussion.

Now having said all that, I really really want to say one more thing. I love receiving comments, and not just the sweet ones that agree with me! I do like the questions that ask me to clarify my thoughts or words. So many times I write or speak knowing the background or history to my opinion. I have sat under various teaching, walked a various path to arrive at the (correct or incorrect) thought pattern that I currently have. But the reader doesn’t know all that. So I know I can write a statement, yet without some clarification or further information to connect the dots, the reader doesn’t always understand me. So, I don’t mind questions. I know I don’t have all the answers. I know I don’t have it all together- heaven forbid anyone should think that!  So, I don’t even find disagreement to be all that disagreeable! So long as it’s done right.

Lastly, if you do leave a comment, along with a link to your blog I endeavor to visit your link. It just doesn’t always happen in a prompt time frame and for that, I apologise in advance.

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