We saw a brief report on the opening of the new Creation Museum in the US. Not only are we Creationists but take a slight special interest in Ken Ham as he was instrumental in John’s conversion to Christianity many years ago.

I couldn’t believe that there were protesters present at the opening of the museum. Christian’s are often called fanatics and I can see how that is, but I also don’t understand the depth of the anger that some protesters displayed. The museum is not committing acts of murder or injustice…it simply presents the biblical alternative to the history of the world. Creation / Evolution certainly hits at the crux of everyone’s core beliefs.

We’ve used a few good resources. Answers in Genesis always have great, thorough resources, especially It All Begins with Genesis but Heart of Wisdom (the store is called Homeschool-Books.com) also has a wonderful study. When is the last time you discussed Evolution theories with your children? Do you children study Creation? What resources have you used?

I’d like to encourage you to talk with your children today or over the weekend, of the beauty, the majesty and the wonder of God’s creation. It is my hope and prayer that the first eleven chapters of Genesis will not just be a nice story that our children recite rather that they will be well versed in the science of creation and be that they will be equipped to answer objections and untruths.