Want a fast-paced, high energy tour through history? Then you might like Drive Thru History with with Dave Stotts!

We have watched Drive Thru History: Rome If You Want To.. and Turkish Delight as well as Greece and the Word. We’re looking forward to the next DVD; East Meets West.

Each DVD is a part of the Drive Thru History series in which the sometimes hilarious Dave Stotts explores the history of Western Civilisation. Some may feel that Dave Stotts is a little irreverent so be warned but we enjoyed his sense of humour- he’s not rude, just tend to point out the obvious. Each DVD has 3 episodes of approximately 30 minutes each.

Personally, those in our family who have studied a full rotation of world history and have an idea of the places mentioned, seem to enjoy this a lot more than the younger children. Therefore, I would recommend these DVD’s to those who are familiar with the places and events visited. It is not a curriculum (although the American history series which is a full curriculum looks so good…I wish they’d one one Australia!) but a good, fun, visual tie-in once you’ve learned about those areas, people or places in your history studies.

These are available from Koorong or Word from $16 through to $21 each DVD.